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5 Interesting Hand Sanitizer Facts

Have you ever wondered when hand sanitizers were invented?  This product has become part of our everyday lives, and especially since the pandemic of COVID-19, when it is more important than ever to prevent ourselves (and others) from viruses infections.
Here are 5 interesting facts on hand sanitizer that you may not know, and that will definitely change how you think of hand sanitizers!


Hand sanitizers were first introduced in 1966 in medical settings such as​ hospitals and health care​ facilities.

Lupe Hernandez 

The "Lupe Hernández" legend:
A student nurse​ named Lupe Hernandez was the first person to dream up the idea of a hand sanitizer.​ Thanks to her and according to the legend, the hand sanitizer was​ created. 


To be effective, hand sanitizers need to contain at least 60% alcohol

3 years  

It is the number of years (from the date of manufacturing) you can use your sanitizer before it is expires. 

99. 9%

Hand sanitizers can kill 99.9of germs and help prevent flu infection. 

Herban's H-Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers often contain chemicals along with low quality alcohol, which can cause hands to feel dry.  With Herban's sanitizer, its essential oils and other high quality ingredients, not only keep you protected but leave hands hydrated......no drying effects!

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