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Organic Laundry Powder

$ 28.00
  • Environmentally-friendly laundry powder
  • Wash up to 50 loads with each pack
  • Removes sweat, dirt, stains, and more
  • Leaves no residue. Not even odors. Enjoy the smell of freshness!


Enjoy 50 loads of fresh, clean laundry every time, while shrinking your footprint on the environment. The eco-friendly laundry detergent is chemical-free and made of plant-based, organic ingredients. No chemicals also means no allergies or rashes typically associated with chemical detergents. The Organic Laundry Powder is gentle on the skin just like it’s on the clothes. So, your clothes don’t need a fabric softener after the wash.

The clothes come out clean, odorless, and soft on the skin, without hurting Mother Earth.

Organic Laundry Powder

$ 28.00