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Skin Renewal Body Scrub

$ 39.00
  • Packed with dead sea salts for a refreshing exfoliation experience
  • Enjoy the deeply hydrating benefits of the African shea butter
  • Defy signs of aging with handpicked essential oils
  • It’s gentle, it’s hydrating, and it’s deeply cleansing.


Pamper yourself with a reinvigorating exfoliation session and preserve the suppleness of your new, youthful skin with the luxurious Shea Butter Body Scrub. Cleanse away your dead cells with sea salts and uncover the soft, lithesome skin underneath, while the super-hydrating shea butter locks in the moisture of your buttery-smooth, delicate skin and makes it irresistible. With every bath, immerse yourself in a spa-like experience that calms your nerves with aromatherapy, and delivers lasting benefits of improved blood circulation and moisture protection from the sun. Feel young and look younger.

Skin Renewal Body Scrub

$ 39.00