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Whip’d Cream Body Lotion

  • Luxurious shea butter body moisturizer
  • Smooth, airy, and fast-absorptive hydrating lotion
  • Infused with vitamins A, E and F to nourish your skin and fight all signs of aging
  • All-purpose moisturizer designed for body, face, hair, and feet


Whip'd Cream is the perfect daily essential for your parched skin. The luxurious shea butter body moisturizer is blended with hydrating fatty acids and vitamins A, E and F to moisturize you from head to toe. The creamy lotion has been whipped to perfection for a smooth and airy application, whether you are using it on your hands or scalp. Carefully chosen essential oils lend the Whip'd Cream a light, quick-absorptive effect, making it the ultimate daily skincare routine for you.


Shea butter offers a luxurious base for the lotion and forms a thick hydrating layer of protection on your skin. The Lavendar essential oil alleviates itchiness and irritation, enveloping you in its relaxing embrace. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial orange essential oil reverses signs of aging and makes your skin soft and supple.

$ 42.00

Whip’d Cream Body Lotion

$ 42.00