Meet Dana Sue, the Founder of Herban Natural Body Care

Herban (meaning: her: her company, herb: herbs in all formulas, ban: banning all chemicals) Body Care.


It might surprise you to know that this self-made natural beauty chemist has a degree in industrial design. It was actually Dana’s Sister’s ongoing struggle with eczema that turned her on to small batch soap-making. With her Sister’s flare-ups only worsening, Dana began researching the natural healing properties of herbs and aromatherapy. Not long after that initial quest, the first lavender soap bar was born. As her Sister began using the soap, not only did her symptoms improve, but her skin felt immensely softer. Friends and family began wanting batches of soap for themselves and it was then that Dana started selling her locally-sourced beauty goods at bustling Los Angeles farmer’s markets. Her Dad, a savvy business owner himself, encouraged her to expand the line of essential oil-infused products. That was 21 years ago and this creative, enterprising woman has never looked back.